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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Making your Installshield Source portable

Just a short blog today but a useful one for those that aren't aware of it or don't give it much thought. I quite often have to look at apps that others have repackaged in the past and get the dreaded "File not found" errors when it comes to recompiling the app.
On closer inspection you can the source location has been hardcoded (usually onto the packagers own PC!!).
The simple way to keep your source always available with your .ism file is to set the Path Variable SOURCEFILEPATH to a variable. The variable always resolves to the current location of the ism file so if you keep all your source in a folder below the ism ie "My Source" you could set the SOURCEFILEPATH to My Source and hey presto you can move your ism and source files around whereever you like and it will always recompile!!


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